Gypsy Circus Cider Opens Knoxville Production Facility

Unicyclist (single hop cider) releases on Friday
August 9, 2016
Jack Tales: Fire Roasted Pumpkin Cider releases September 23
September 14, 2016
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Gypsy Circus Cider Opens Knoxville Production Facility

After many months of planning, Gypsy Circus is proud to announce the 2nd location in Knoxville Tennessee.

The Knoxville location allows Gypsy Circus to produce more pilot batches as well as wild cider batches that bring a unique twist to cider production.   Knoxville is the perfect compliment to the Tennessee Brand of ciders that Gypsy Circus brings.  From the hand blown custom glass tap-handles produced by Matthew Cummings Studios in Knoxville to art work and keg collars made in Knoxville; Knoxville plays a key role in Gypsy Circus’ operations.   Gypsy Circus is proud to produce quality Tennessee Cider in both Knoxville & Kingsport.  Craft East Tennessee Cider #TNCIDER


  1. Reed says:

    Where in Knoxville is the cidery or tap room located? Or is there a listing of bars or restaurants that carry your ciders?

  2. JT Dewitt says:

    I am trying to get a copy of our invoices to enter in the system. Can you please email me all past invoices

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