2020 Caravan Tour – Peach Cobbler/Black Current Cider



Caravan Tour 6 Packs – Gypsy Circus presents the first multi brewery/cider collaboration package in the US.  The Caravan Tour is a collaboration with Gypsy Circus and 2 amazing breweries in Tennessee, including Tennessee Brew Works and Hutton & Smith.   Each of the breweries brought a unique element in building out this custom cider/brewery collaboration.   The 2019/2020 Collaboration included  3 Peach Cobbler Ciders from Tennessee Brew Works and 3 Black Current & Ginger Cider from Hutton & Smith.  The Caravan Tour is available in 6 packs/12 oz cans, with 3 ciders from each collaboration. Gypsy Circus uses a natural approach with no extract, no artificial color or flavoring. Gypsy Circus is the most awarded cidery in the Southeast. Gypsy Circus was named the 2016, 2018 and 2019 Tennessee Cider Producer of the Year.

6-pk (3 Ciders TN Brew Works / 3 Cider Hutton & Smith Collaboration) – Does Not include Cardboard Box.


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