Single Origin: Winesap Methode Ancestrale


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Gypsy Circus’ Single Origin focuses on single heirloom apple varietals from one farm. This allows the full profile of the fruit to render itself throughout your experience.

The Single Origin – Winsap Methode Ancestrale contains less that 1% residual sugar and is naturally carbonated.

Pet-Nat or Methode Ancestrale, is a method of sparkling cider production where cider is bottled prior to fully completing it’s first full fermentation, allowing carbonation to be produced by the natural sugars found in these Winesap apples.

Winesap is an American heirloom apple that dates back to the 18th century by Willich & Mease in 1804.

Single Origin: Winesap Methode Ancestrale is only available in a 750ml Belgian bottle.

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